Research and studies

The list of projects, which is regularly updated, provides details of the scientific leader and the organization behind each project, its objective and the nature of the data used.

Constances is open to the French and international scientific and public health community, both academic and private. All projects must be of public health interest. All projects are evaluated by the Constances International Scientific Committee, made up of independent scientists. Finally, all results of work carried out in Constances must be made public, whatever the results obtained.

Some projects require the collection of data in addition to that collected within the general Constances framework. Others rely on the use of blood or urine samples stored in the Constances biobank. Finally, some projects may benefit from private funding.

Research consortiums. Constances participates in a number of national and international consortia, particularly in Europe. This type of partnership makes it possible to combine the expertise of various teams around a common research project. They may also involve pooling data from several population-based cohorts, in order to obtain larger numbers or make comparisons between countries.

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