The Constances biobank contains biological samples (serum, blood plasma, urine) from 58,000 volunteers collected at Centres d’Examens de Santé during health examinations between 2018 and 2021.

The biobank

The collection and creation of the biobank was entrusted to the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), selected under a European contract. Specific consent is obtained for the biobank, and for each research project requiring access to their samples, the concerned volunteers are informed and can object.

To date, the biobank includes, for each volunteer, 26 aliquots of blood (serum, lithium heparinized plasma, EDTA plasma and buffy coat) and urine, totaling over 1,400,000 aliquots (fractions of a sample). The Constances biobank, enriched by the cohort’s many other data, is a powerful tool for research. Access to the biobank is reserved for researchers whose project has received a favorable advice from the Constances International Scientific Committee, and who have completed the required regulatory and contractual procedures (more details on the “Access to Constances” page). The biobank will be progressively enriched with new biological samples (saliva, stool, hair, etc.) depending on the projects within the cohort.

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