Access to Constances

Is my project eligible?

You are part of a research team, whether French or foreign, and you would like to access Constances to carry out your research project. This may involve using data as well as biological materials collected within the general framework of Constances, and/or collecting additional data to meet a specific objective.

What is the procedure?

Please read the information contained in the Constances Charter. It describes the rights and responsibilities of research teams whose projects have been accepted. Contact Prof. Marie Zins, Constances PI, for an initial discussion by e-mail or by filling out the synopsis form. At this stage, you should provide some details about your project: scientific team, objectives, main types of data required, and whether the project benefits from industrial funding. Submit your application in our dedicated application.

The application must contain:

  • A protocol specifying the scientific objectives, the method, the expected results, the data requested (and the justification for their use), and, if applicable, the elements linked to the additional data collection envisaged.
  • A description of the scientific team in charge of the project and the sources of funding, both for the implementation of the project and for the costs of access to Constances.
  • The declaration of acceptance of the operating rules described in the Constances Charter by the project’s PI.

Your request for access will then be evaluated by the Constances international scientific committee. The Constances Steering Committee may oppose the use of certain data due to conflicts of interest. The Inserm Ethics Committee may be called upon to verify compliance with medical research regulations. If your request for access is accepted, and before the data is made available, your organization must take the appropriate legal and regulatory steps with regard to the use of personal data and, contract with INSERM.

If you need to access SNDS data or any other sensitive data, for security reasons the data will only be accessible on the CASD (Centre d’accès sécurisé aux données) platform, and you will have to take the necessary steps to open a secure workspace; CASD rates are available on CASD website. At the end of your project, you must send the Constances team a destruction report for the data transmitted (any further use of the data made available is forbidden).

The results obtained from Constances data must be made public, in the form of scientific publications, reports, theses or dissertations, etc. Wherever possible, publications should be open access.

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