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Are you about to publish or communicate your results? Some Constances-related information needs to be integrated.

The results of work carried out using data supplied as part of a project must be made public, in the form of scientific publications, reports, theses or dissertations, etc.

Before finalizing your manuscript

Before finalizing your manuscript, check that the “Dissemination of research results” rules of the Constances Cohort Access Charter are respected.

In particular, the signatures of members of the Constances team, at least the project referent, must appear, the mention that the research was carried out within the framework of the Constances cohort must be made in any publication or scientific communication and the word “Constances” must appear in the title or at least in the abstract of any publication, as well as the DOI:

Whenever possible, publications from Constances should be published in Open Access.

Information to be included

A text presenting the cohort and a STROBE Statement are available.

Regulatory and ethical approvals, consent

The authors assert that all procedures contributing to this work comply with the ethical standards of the relevant national and institutional committees on human experimentation and with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2008. All procedures have been approved by the Institutional review board (IRB) of the French Institute of Health (Inserm) (Opinion n°01-011, then n°21-842), and authorized by the by the French Data Protection Authority (“Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés”, CNIL) (Authorization #910486). The biobank obtained a favorable opinion from the Committee for the protection of individuals – CPP Sud Est I (#2018-32) and an authorization from the CNIL (#DR-2-2018-137). All volunteers sign a written consent form for their participation in Constances, and, where applicable, for their participation in the biobank. All information and regulatory authorizations relating to the publication are available on the French version page ‘Rights and data protection’ .


The Constances cohort study was supported and funded by the French national health insurance fund (“Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie”, Cnam). Constances is an National infrastructure for biology and health (“Infrastructure nationale en biologie et santé”) and benefits from a grant from the French national agency for research (ANR-11-INBS-0002). Constances is also partly funded to a small extent by industrial companies, notably in the healthcare sector, within the framework of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). None of these funding sources had any role in the design of the study, collection and analysis of data or decision to publish.


The authors thank the team of the “Population-based cohorts unit” (Cohortes en population) that designed and manages the Constances cohort study. They also thank the French national health insurance fund (“Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie”, Cnam) and its Health screening centres (“Centres d’examens de santé”), which are collecting a large part of the data, as well as the French national old-age insurance fund (“Caisse nationale d’assurance vieillesse”, Cnav) for its contribution to the constitution of the cohort, and ClinSearch, Asqualab and Eurocell, which are conducting the data quality control.

Constances references to be inserted in bibliographic references (select according to data used)

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