Conducting a research project in Constances

French or foreign research teams wishing to make use of the Constances cohort infrastructure must submit an application. Projects may only use the available data or biological materials and/or collect additional data for a specific purpose. Cohort data access applications are submitted in the context of a permanent Call for Proposals (CFPs). Access to the Infrastructure is governed by the Constances Charter, which specifies the rights and responsibilities of the research teams whose projects have been accepted.
Applicants are invited to draft a scientific protocol of their research project specifying the scientific objectives, the method, the expected results, the data requested (and the justification for their use), and, if applicable, the elements related to the additional data collection envisaged. The projects are then examined by the Constances International Scientific Committee and, where applicable, by its Ethics Review Board; authorisations are issued by the Institutional Steering Committee comprised of Constances partner organisations. Applications must be submitted to the French legal authority for personal data processing, before the required data are sent to the researcher in charge of the project. These steps must be carried out in close collaboration with the PI of Constances.
To ensure that data confidentiality and security are maintained, the Constances team generates a specific study number for each cohort participant included in a research project. Moreover, a log of variable requests submitted for a given project is kept to ensure that no-one has access, even after submitting multiple variable requests, to the entire Constances database.

Prior to any submission, it is imperative to contact Pr Marie Zins, PI of Constances. Please read carefully all the information contained in the documents available for download before contacting her.


Ongoing research projects

Lists of current projects and completed projects are available for download. These are projects carried out by external teams or by researchers from the Constances team. Summary presentations of these projects are available by clicking on the project title. The list of scientific partnerships established at national or European level and the list of publications are also available.

The Gazette

Click here to read previous issues of The Gazette of Constances data users (English version available).