Health examination data

For all volunteers: biometric examination (weight, height, waist-to-hip ratio, etc.); measurements (vision, hearing, spirometry, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, etc.); blood and urine bioassays (glycemic control, lipid profile, liver profile, blood count, creatinemia, etc.); examination by a center’s physician, who fills out a questionnaire.

For volunteers aged 45 and over, specific tests are carried out: assessment of functional abilities (IALD (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) scale, ability to use new technologies), cognitive functions (MMSE; Trail Making Test A – B; Wechsler Code; semantic and alphabetic lexical evocation; Grober & Busckhe RL-RI 16 memory test), physical functioning (walking speed, Digital Finger Tapping Test, balance test (unipodal station), Hand Grip Test).

The examination is carried out according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and under permanent quality control by on-site visits by research assistants.

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